Trotting For Turkey (And Ham!) At The 2013 Davenport Turkey Trot

The 2013 Davenport YMCA Turkey Trot kicked off on Thursday, November 28, 2013,  with a nearly record-low temperature of 18 degrees at race time. Women dominated this year’s event with 1,115 female finishers in the 5-mile run/walk. Men held their own with 813 finishers, making a total of 1,928 walkers and runners trotting five miles. A 1-mile fun run and a 2-person 5 mile relay was also held as part of this year’s 27th annual Turkey Trot.

This year’s five-mile race proved to be full of excitement as two men strode neck and neck with only seconds to go towards the finish line. Corey Towle and Charlie Paul finished within one second of each other, taking first and second place, respectively (25:53 and 25:54). As both friends and colleagues, Corey and Charlie maintained similar speeds until Corey was able to outreach Charlie in the final step. Ben Lloyd took third place overall in the Men’s division with a time of 26:21.

In the Women’s division this year, Brooke Kish lead the race with a winning time of 29:15, followed closely by Elise Sigg with 29:22. Pleasant Valley High School cross country runner (and the 2013 Iowa state high school division IV girl’s cross country champion) McKenzie Yanek took third place overall in the Women’s division with a time of 29:26.

The post-race party this year varied from previous years in that it was held outside rather than in the upstairs of the Davenport YMCA.

For a complete viewing of Turkey Trot photos taken by Tom Betts, click here.

Winter Runs

We cannot deny it: winter is here. On those frigid mornings of single digit weather, running seems like the last thing someone would want to do. To me, however, winter is a time when I don’t have to worry about increasing speed or up-ing mileage. Instead, winter is a great time to remember why I took up the sport in the first place: for fun.

The thing about winter running is that most of us are out there doing it because if we don’t, we will go crazy being cooped up inside. Many of us don’t do it to prepare for important races or break any records; we run in the winter because while others stay inside, away from the wind, we want to get in those measly 4 miles…just to prove that we can tough it.

Ultimately, winter runs take more preparation, too. We can’t all just throw on some shorts and jump out the door. We have to ask ourselves, “What direction is the wind coming from?” “What is the lowest temp tonight?” “Will it be colder if I run before work or after work?” “Are there any weather advisories?” We have to take caution in the winter when it comes to running outdoors. I won’t be giving up my winter runs, so instead I will have to prepare for them. Here are several articles (one from Runner’s World magazine) that have great tips for winter running.

Cold Weather Running 

Running Tips In Cold Weather

Stay safe out there, runners. Check back soon for more updates on races around the QCA!

Welcome To RaceQuadCities

Welcome, guests, friends and runners, to RaceQuadCities. The idea for RQC came about in the summer of 2013 during a weekly running group meeting at the Bruegger’s in Bettendorf, Iowa. If you aren’t familiar with the Bruegger’s running group, they are a wonderful group of men and women who meet (and have been meeting, for years!) every Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes on the weekends for long runs) at the Bettendorf Bruegger’s for running and coffee. They graciously welcomed me into their group this summer when I was living at home and still looking for full-time work. We all liked to joke that I was taking an early retirement (I just graduated college in May 2013). During one of these runs, Tom Betts and I began discussing road races around the Quad Cities and he suggested that we document the stories of races in and around the Quad Cities. At first, I thought he was joking, but soon I began to think about it and realized that a lot of my favorite memories of Iowa and Illinois come from running. And so, RaceQuadCities was born.

Tom is the primary photographer and as you can see, his photos are wonderful. He creates a story through each snapshot. He gathers the struggles and triumphs of each race. I, Adrienne, will serve as the writer and social media representative for RaceQuadCities. From here on out the blogs will be a mixture of races we cover, running articles and updates on local race activities.

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow us @RaceQuadCities. You can also find all recent and archived photos on This Website will be used to house all of our photos as only certain photos will be published on

And I want to thank all of you reading this, because that means that you are a part of the running community in the Quad Cities; without you, we would not exist. You make waking up early and running in the hot and cold weather all worth it. Thank you, sincerely, for making up such a wonderful community of runners.

Enjoy the stories and photos!